ARGENTINA TOP HUNTS is the result of my cultivated love for hunting, the many years of experience developing my career in the hunting world and the professionalism of the team I work with.

We own and operate Chischaca Lodge -big game- and Amakela Lodge -small and big game-. Both lodges are situated in the backcountry, allowing for a new way of traveling, with the best hunting conditions, away from the city and in-depth contact with nature.


"I proudly come from a family of hunters. A passion I inherited from my father, that has become part of me and which I continue to live with the same excitement since my first hunting trips with my father and brothers.

All this is added to the know-how of over 17 years of experience leading teams in different hunting areas of Argentina in order to provide the best for hunters.

In Argentina Top Hunts we are known for being the best hosts and for building friendships with our hunters, we always hope they are able to come back and that the following season finds us together again.

Come, hunt with us".

Federico C. Clausen, CEO & Owner

Our hospitality experience distinguishes us by creating an atmosphere in which guests
feel at home whilst enjoying the experience of being in a unique and well-cared-for place.

Big game

chischaca lodge

small game & Big game

amakela lodge

A memorable BIG GAME experience


Big game

SEASON March through July

TARGET SPECIES Red stag, fallow deer, axis deer, water buffalo, black buck, mouflon sheep, four hornerd sheep, wild boar

HUNTING METHOD Stalk or blind

A memorable HUNTING experience


Small game & Big game

SEASON Mid February through mid November

TARGET SPECIES Doves, pigeons and big game

HUNTING METHOD Stalk or blind


We are passionate about and fully committed to accompanying you in a unique hunting experience. We relish every day of hunting with the hunters, we want you to take the best trophy you can get, we want you to beat your hunting records.



Can I bring my own gun?

Yes, you can. You must contact the closest Argentinean Consulate and apply for a temporary gun introduction permit. Once you arrive to Buenos Aires, the Airport Police and Customs will check your permit and the gun. If you prefer to avoid this, you can rent one of our guns.

What type of guns do you have for rent?

We have fine guns in different calibers:

-Chischaca: 30-06, 300 WM and 375 H&H, all with Swarovski scopes.

-Amakela: 30-06, 300 WM and 375 H&H, with prime scopes and shootguns caliber 12, 20, 28 Beretta and Benelli brands.

Is it possible to bow hunt?

Yes, there is a lot of cover appropriate for a close stalking and blinds prepared for bow.





ATH offers big game hunting packages to be actioned at a fundraiser.


5-days 2x1 guided BIG GAME HUNTING EXPERIENCE in Argentina for 2 o 4 hunters for open dates between March and August 2025 or 2026

This is a 100% donation. Once a donation is sold at a fundraiser we will take care of the whole process, contacting the bidder and planning the trip.

If you’re a charity or nonprofit looking for silent auction ideas or you want more information about the program please contact us! info@argentinatophunts.com

For further information please CLICK HERE

For further information please


Terms & Conditions

This Argentina big game hunting trip is valid for two (2) or four (4) hunters for the 2023 or 2024 season. A minimum of two hunters is required. Each hunter must harvest a minimum of two animals including one (1) red stag or one (1) water buffalo. Trophy fees are not included. Additional trophy animals may be taken per the current trophy fee price list. Non-hunting observers may be added per price sheet. Non-hunters are welcome but may not take the place of hunters in this donation package. Additional hunters may be added per the current price list. Each hunter will be required to submit a $2,000 deposit to reserve their hunting dates. The deposit goes 100% towards their trophy fee bill at the end of the hunt. The credit is non-refundable. The donation is transferable to a friend or family member. Dates must be selected within 45 days of winning the auction. Trip might be rescheduled within the dates detailed in the donation. The purchaser of this auction agrees to the terms & conditions of ATH.



We make tailored packages for each hunting group.

We can organize all the services you desire from your arrival until your departure from the country. These services include:

  • Domestic flights roundtrip to the lodges
  • Ground transfers roundtrip the airports
  • Hotels in Buenos Aires, restaurant reservations, private guide tours, shopping tours, tango shows
  • 3/4 day trip anywhere in Argentina

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with us, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Federico C. Clausen

CEO & Founder


Cecilia Clausen

Sales Department & Concierge Services